Thursday, 17 October 2013

Tawang Lake & Springs

Pangkang Teng Tso: ‘Tso’ means lake in Monpa.The Pangkang teng Tso also known as P.T tso is about 17 Kms away to the north. The lake looks straight out of a postcard. To describe it in a lay man’s words, it looks like a blue lapis ‘Lzuli’ on a clear day and it is surrounded by flowers of all colours in October and during the Winter months, it is stark white.

Pangkang Teng Tso
Jhongotser lake: 42 kms away from  Tawang town, the lake was formed during the earthquake of 1950. It has bare trees in the middle of the lake thus giving a ‘guards on vigil’ kind of impression. A reflection of the blue sky makes the lake look beautiful like a samaritan’s soul and captivating like the eye of a gypsy.
Baggajang : Though 101 kms away from Tawang town, the beauty and serenity of Banggachang makes it a visit worth making. The untouched beauty, the blue lakes, the wild flowers, the story of mythical sights of butter lamps burning, apparitions of Gompas makes this place all the more alluring and gives oneself a feeling of peace.


Tsechu Hot Spring:  It is about 230 Kms from Tawang town.The hot water spring not only provides warm, sulphur rich water but also cures many ailments. Apart from hot spring, this site is also suitable for hard trekking. The route has very attractive landscapes and beautiful valleys.

Tsechu Hot Spring

Thingbu Hot spring: It is about 70 kms from tawang town. It can also be approached on foot.

Grenkhar Hot Springs: It is about 40 kms away from tawang town.This hot water spring and ‘ Manchu’ provides warm, sulphur rich water and cures many ailments.

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